Residential Pest Control Services

Nexus Master has been a household name for residential pes control services and extermination. At Nexus, we understand your family is number one, and that is why we focus on being proactive on residential pest control. Not only do we get rid of all your pests, we look deeper for long term solutions to kill their survival chances. We thoroughly inspect every inch of your residential area to tailor a long term pest control action plan for your home.

Rodents, ant, termites, cockroaches and spiders are among the more common pests for residential area. They can pose serious health risks to your family members especially to kids. Not just that, Pets like dogs and cats are more vulnerable due to their heightened senses and sensitive anatomy. On top of that, pests can also cause structural damage to your building and home. Nexus understands all these, and we care for your residential safety.

Our residential pest control action plans are designed to help guard your home against common household pests. This plan includes a pre-scheduled onsite inspection. Then, we work thoroughly with the home owner, to understand their lifestyle habits, and develop a customized plan form there onwards. This plan usually covers the interior, and the exteiro of your home like lawm, trees and shrubs. We don’t just care for your home, but also the green environment.

After the initial extermination efforts, we keep close contact with home owners, and further schedule maintenance visits to keep track on the pest extermination progress. On top of that, we play a consultancy role in educating home owners on how to maintain a hygienic environment to avoid future pest problems. All in all, we work towards a long term solution together.

We commit into protecting residential buildings and families very seriously. This is why we only despatch pest professionals to get the work done. For more than 15 years, we have received nothing else than high accredited praises, testimonials and awards.