Food Processing Pest Control Services

The food and beverage industry are constantly under extreme stress when it comes to hygiene related regulatory agencies, certification bodies, third party auditors, government health bodies etc. This is due the increasing public awareness on food safety and quality standards, also the increasing food related disease like Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis in Malaysia.

Nexus Pest Control delivers the highest standards of pest extermination and protections catered to the F&B industry like restaurants and food processing plants. We deploy highly trained pest control specialists to your facility for onsite inspection and evaluation, and utilize innovative pest control technology as a comprehensive solution. We never over look small details, from your supply chain, logistics to warehouse to make sure a pest free process. By understanding your supply chain, Nexus will design a customized plan for your food processing plant. We take account into your structural integrity, plant pest pressures, potential pest activity, potential breeding grounds etc.

One of the most troubling pests in any food processing facility is ants. They are dangerous, and could potentially contaminate food products. What is more alarming is they could attract different ant species like fire ants or pharaoh ants. These ants can cause danger to your employee, and can disrupt operations by wide spreading in enormous numbers.

Another bothering pest problem is the fly issue, which they pose public health and business risks. Flies are effective vectors for diseases. They spread germs and bacteria anywhere they land. Diseases like Shigella, Salmonella and E.Colli is among a few common diseases carried by flies. We deploy a comprehensive fly baiting solution to accurately taget fly hot spots like dumpster area or food storage area.

And for those issues, Nexus develops specialized protocols and methodology to tackle these pest species in a food processing facility. With targeted solutions on eliminating such potential threats, Nexus is confident to help exterminate, and keep your facility pest free. For more pest related information, please browse through our website.