How to Control Pests and Termites

Termites are among the most well-known pest issue looked in family units nowadays especially in Malaysia. They destruct structures in and around your home, for example, the furniture and anything made out of wood. Typically the harm is serious and frightful. You could miss out a great deal of cash to supplant and repair, which isn’t claimable from your insurance agency.

In the Malaysia market, there are numerous pest control services which manages termite anticipation and Elimination. Measures must be taken once termites are distinguished before it is past the point of no return.

There are numerous approaches to counteract termites, for example:

Post-development treatment (otherwise called Drilling)

Post development treatment or remedial soil treatment is one of the viable termite counteractive action treatment strategies used to shield your building structure from termite pervasion. Gaps are bored by the two sides of the ground floor dividers, and in addition at the front and back border of the house, and bug sprays are drawn into the ground underneath the working as per the producer’s proposal. Termiticide arrangement, for example, chlorpyrifos or imidacloprid are usually utilized for the treatment. This treatment make an insecticidal obstruction that keep termites from entering the building/house. Each post development treatment is suggested for successful termite aversion as it can keep going for 3-5 years.

Pre-development soil treatment (Anti-Termites Treatment)

Other than from those preventive pest control techniques, we do offer another most prominent strategy to tackle the termites’ pervasion issue in a safe and non-intrusive way. This technique is called termite teasing framework and it’s referred to as termite provinces end framework as it can slaughter and annihilate termites viably.


Termites Baiting System (Termites Colony Elimination and Monitoring System)

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